Senior UI Designer

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Senior UI Designer

We are looking for a designer experienced in mobile UI who wants to join our international team

Full-time · Fully Remote (worldwide) or from our Milan office

The role

The success of Clay lies in creating all of the app's stunning content and high-performing code in-house. For each bi-weekly release, the Product team works tirelessly to understand our users' evolving needs, design new features, and optimize our product's user experience/interface (UX/UI). To keep up with this exciting challenge, we are looking to grow our Product team—currently composed of one of our founders, a Product Manager, and two Product Designers.

In the following months, we want to start working on multiple apps in parallel, which will lead to a sizable increase in our Product Design needs. This expected growth is why we want to welcome a seasoned designer with experience in mobile UI design who can aid our expansion. As part of the Product team, this person will work hand-in-hand with our founder and Product Manager to define and own our products' UI.

The key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Build ownership over the UI of our apps and iterate on it to optimize the usability of our products.
  • Design and deliver key design system artifacts, including but not limited to components, foundational styles, and patterns for our Figma libraries.
  • Research the needs of our users and distill the findings into realizable product updates. 
  • Support an efficient workflow by implementing and improving processes.

  • Be the connective tissue between product management, engineering, user research, and others to construct and grow the design system, own the design execution and measure ongoing improvements.

To apply for this role, you should have

  • 4+ years of professional experience as a Product, UX, or UI designer.

  • 2+ years of professional experience working on customer-facing products, preferably mobile design.

  • Solid knowledge of the standard tools and processes used by Product Design teams in the mobile world. 
  • Experience collaborating with Engineering, Product, and Marketing teams as part of the product development lifecycle process.

What is Clay?

Clay is an app that helps online businesses create high-quality content by combining customizable templates with stunning animations and effects. Clay eliminates the need to use complex design software and manage marketing consultants, letting businesses focus on what they do best. Check us out in the app store!

Clay is composed of professionals with experience and passion for content creation, design, or mobile engineering. Together, we own every part of the app publishing process, from User Interface Research to Marketing. And, thanks to this team, Clay grew to have thousands of downloads per day, every single day!

We are currently 16 people working full-time on Clay...but we want to increase the size of the team to keep up with the increase in demand for Clay. Are you up for the challenge?

Benefits of working at Clay

  • Competitive pay based on seniority and skillset
  • The latest Apple hardware (Mac, iPhone, and anything else you might need)
  • Food at the office every day (ordered directly from top Deliveroo restaurants in the area)
  • 1-month vacation per year + untracked time off if you need more
  • A diverse and international work environment that operates in English—we come from countries like Italy, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Romania, and we want to keep growing!

Our Application Process

  1. Application form
  2. Screening Interview
  3. Take-home assignment
  4. Problem-solving interview
  5. Product Design interview
  6. Cultural Fit Interview
  7. Offer!

The whole process takes around 3 weeks.

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